RELEASE: Cordial v1.8.1

We have released a new version of the cordial tools for Geneos. This version improves internal performance and contains numerous bug fixes in addition to the highlights mentioned below.

Change Log

Version v1.8.1

Released 2023-09-01

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

v1.8.1 Fixes

  • tools/geneos
    • unset should not present a warning if special parameters are passed but not actions, e.g. removing a non-existing environment variable
    • #181 - now build on MacOS, primarily for remote admin. Not fully tested
    • #182 - a slew of issues around the order of actions during package install, uninstall and update fixed

Version v1.8.0

Released 2023-08-16

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

v1.8.0 Highlights

This version changes the way geneos tls import works to add support for the import of external “real” certificates into your Geneos environment. You can now supply a PEM formatted certificate and key with an options verification chain and add these to existing instances.

Key files are now enabled for use by default for all new Gateway instances. Key files have been automatically created for some time now, but not automatically enabled in the starting environment of the Gateway.

v1.8.0 Changes

  • tools/geneos

    • Enable the use of external key-files for all new Gateways running on version GA5.14 and above. Existing Gateways will not be affected as the default is usekeyfile=false. If you do not want to use an external key-file set usekeyfile=false before starting for the first time. If a Gateway has been started with or without a keyfile and created a cache directory then you must follow the instructions in the documentation,, otherwise your Gateway will not start-up.

    • New options to the start, restart and command sub-commands allow you to add one-off command line arguments and environment variables to an instance. This is useful, for example, to pass a -skip-cache argument to a Gateway.

    • Extensive rework to the internal handling of loops-over-instances to pass-back an instance.Response struct and handle output at the caller. This is preparation for work on non-CLI interfaces (think: REST API and web). This may break some output formatting, please report via github issues.

    • tls import has changed to support the import of instance certificate, signing certs and chains in a more organised way. It is unlikely anyone was using the previous incarnation which was highly limited but just in case, this is a breaking change to the syntax and functionality of tls import.

  • pkg/geneos/api

    • A new API for inbound data to Geneos. This package is not yet ready for real-world use.

v1.8.0 Fixes

  • pkg/config

    • #176 fix support for Windows paths in ${enc:...} expansion formats
  • tools/geneos

    • A fix for a long time bug in an internal routine that checked reserved names. This was found during the refactoring of code above. Oddly this doesn’t appear to have been noticed, not sure why.

    • Fix closing of open file descriptors when starting a local instance. This needed cmd.Extrafiles slice having empty nils added through the the largest FD.

    • Fix merging of aliases during instance config load.