[RELEASE] Geneos 5.12.0

Released: 27 January 2022

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page for:

  • Active Console
  • Corvil Integration
  • FIX Analyser 2 Netprobe
  • Gateway
  • Netprobe
  • Terracotta Universal Messaging Integration
  • VMWare Monitor Integration
  • Web Dashboard


These are the highlights of this release:

  • The Apache Log4j library in the Active Console, Web Dashboard, Terracotta Messaging integration, and VMware Monitor integration, has been upgraded to 2.17.1 to fix the security vulnerability in Apache Log4j (CVE-2021-44832). We recommend upgrading to the latest version Geneos 5.12.0 or newer.
  • FKM plugin now supports publishing streams from Windows Events (NT events) through the Publisher plugin to external log storage systems such as Elasticsearch, Splunk, and ITRS Obcerv.
  • Updated CorvilNet integration (genos-cnpi) to support HTTPS and configurable heartbeat intervals.
  • JMX plugin now supports monitoring JMX Server with registry SSL enabled.
  • Netprobe memory utilisation improvements related to the Dynamic Entities.

Full release notes are available here: