Durable Download Links


We now set the Content-Disposition header in the first response, so curl -JLO url and wget --content-disposition url both name the file correctly,

We have implemented a change today to provide durable download links to software packages.

To get the basic link you can now hover over the DOWNLOAD button to the right of each item (including after changing the version drop down) and you can right click and copy link.

The default URL format is:


Now you can run:

curl -JLO --data '{"username": "peter@example.com", "password": "SeCreT"}' https://resources.itrsgroup.com/download/latest/Gateway+2?os=linux

and this will download the file and rename it to geneos-gateway-5.10.1-linux-x64.tar.gz (or whatever the latest release is).

Note: login details must be provided as a JSON encoded username and password. If you don’t already have a login, please signup here.

The three query parameters supported are:

  • title - plain text match
    This is a plain text search of the underlying filename, so can be used to fetch a specific version, e.g. title=5.8.0
  • os - exact match only
    An operating system identifier, such as linux or windows
  • microprocessor - exact match only
    This is a general cpu architecture match, e.g. 64-bit and not related to the CPU brand

The above can be combined, e.g.


The list of packages (the part after the /latest/ in the URL) is not fixed and you need to discover those manually at first by visiting the resources.itrsgroup.com site and checking the links.

Hopefully this will make automation much simpler.

Thanks @pgalbavy so then we can get Netprobe downloads without logging in right now? I need this to make some of the SAN work we are doing easier to deploy.

As I mentioned above, before the end of the year. If the stars align, next week :wink:

See my Geneos Golang package topic for an example I knocked up literally today - in an existing framework - that automates this with authentication. There is also the matter of the filename, but again the Content-Disposition header will be added soon; for now I peek at the resulting redirrect URI for the real filename.

Ahh, I got it, didn’t read everything! Good, you saw the AWS plugin was released today, which is great, but all those AWS instances that people want to bake SAN’s into, it would be easier if they could get it at build or run time of the AWS Instance.

Plus any other cloud env for sure…

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