[RELEASE] Geneos 5.14.0

Released: 31 May 2022

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page for:

  • Active Console
  • Gateway
  • Kubernetes plugin
  • Netprobe
  • Refinitiv RTDS Integration
  • Web Server


These are the highlights of this release:

  • Geneos and Obcerv connectivityITRS Obcerv is the platform to take performance monitoring to the next level. With scalable architecture and data storage, it is a platform to take control of the complex IT infrastructure and application monitoring. Geneos real-time monitoring, together with ITRS Obcerv, allows you to store, collate, contextualise and visualise your data, giving you end to end visibility for operational resilience.

    • Gateways can publish all your metrics and events to Obcerv for storage and analysis. Data filtering at Gateways with efficient data compression and scalable storage in Obcerv delivers a reliable platform for operational data.
    • Netprobes can publish log data to Obcerv, so you have metrics and logs together in a single platform. This allows you to build a workflow that takes you from a real-time log monitoring view in Geneos Active Console to Log Investigation in Obcerv.
    • Active Console users can build history charts by querying the data stored in Obcerv.For more information on how Obcerv can help improve your operational resilience, see ITRS Obcerv use case scenarios.
  • Easy access to Geneos dataFor many of our customers, Geneos is a critical component of the operation landscape, so having easy access to Geneos data is important to building well-integrated workflows. We are introducing two new ways to access the real-time data in Geneos Gateways. This is in addition to the already supported publishing method to Kafka and the new ITRS Obcerv platform.

    • Gateways can publish data to an HTTP/HTTPS endpoint. This is a generic lightweight method to publish (POST) Geneos metrics and events to other systems. Filtering at Gateway lets you control what you publish to minimise downstream data requirements.
    • Gateway REST service now supports a new endpoint to request a snapshot of a dataview. This is ideal for reporting and visualisation tools to request a snapshot view of a specific dataview from Geneos.
  • Kubernetes plugin can now collect metrics describing the state of namespaces, nodes, pods, and the workload resources such as deployments, daemon sets, replica sets, stateful sets, and jobs. We will continue to focus on the Kubernetes plugin in the next release to add more metrics describing the state of control plane objects such as API Server, control manager, and scheduler.

Full release notes are available here: