[RELEASE] Geneos 6.1.0

Released: 01 Dec 2022

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page for:

  • Active Console
  • AWS plugin
  • Azure plugin
  • Collection Agent
  • Fix Analyser 2 Netprobe
  • FluentD Forward plugin
  • Gateway
  • Kubernetes plugin
  • Licence Auditor
  • Licence Daemon
  • Netprobe
  • OpenTelemetry plugin
  • Prometheus plugin
  • SSO Agent
  • Web Dashboard

AWS Marketplace

  • AWS AMI (pre-configured for AWS monitoring)

Azure Marketplace

  • Azure Virtual machine image (pre-configured for Azure monitoring)

ITRS Docker repository

  • Gateway docker image
  • Netprobe docker image

ITRS Helm repository

  • Gateway Helm chart (pre-configured for Kubernetes monitoring)
  • Netprobe Helm chart (pre-configured for Kubernetes monitoring)


These are the highlights of this release:

  • New Fluentd plugin to aggregate log data

    • The new Fluentd plugin allows you to receive logs directly from Fluentd so you don’t have to deploy additional toolsets to aggregate log data for monitoring.
  • Monitor Kubernetes control plane components with Prometheus plugin

    • The Prometheus plugin is now enhanced to support collecting metrics from Kubernetes endpoints such as the control plane components.
  • Other improvements

    • AWS plugin now support monitoring custom namespaces (custom metrics), EC2 network interfaces and security groups. The plugin configuration is also updated to allow a single collector (plugin) to monitor multiple regions to minimise configuration.
    • Gateway publishing now supports exclude filter when publishing data to other systems like ITRS Obcerv, Kafka and generic Http endpoints. This gives more control over the data published to other systems, helping to minimise downstream data requirements.
    • Market Data Monitoring (MDM) plugin now includes a new feed adapter for connecting to Refinitiv’s Real Time Optimized data feed accessible via the cloud. This is available as pilot feature in this release.
    • SQL-Toolkit plugin for SAP ASE (Sybase) now support Kerberos authentication.

Full release notes are available here: