[RELEASE] Geneos 6.2.0

Released: 31 Jan 2023

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page for:

  • Active Console
  • AWS plugin
  • Azure Monitor plugin
  • Collection Agent
  • Fluentd Forward plugin
  • Gateway
  • License Auditor
  • Netprobe
  • OpenTelemetry plugin
  • Prometheus plugin
  • SSO Agent
  • Webslinger

AWS Marketplace

  • AWS AMI (pre-configured for AWS monitoring)

Azure Marketplace

  • Azure Virtual machine image (pre-configured for Azure monitoring)

ITRS Docker repository

  • Gateway docker image
  • Netprobe docker image

ITRS Helm repository

  • Gateway Helm chart
  • Netprobe Helm chart


These are the highlights of this release:

  • Active Console now supports Follow Selection mode for State Tree. This means the State Tree will automatically expand to select and identify items selected elsewhere in the Active Console. This makes it easier to find items in your State Tree without needing to search through a large number of items.
  • Support integration with HashiCorp Password Vault that allows you to manage passwords in the Gateway configuration.
  • Netprobe Helm Chart now supports additional configuration options.

Full release notes are available here: