[RELEASE] Geneos 5.13.0

Released: 31 March 2022

This release delivers the updated binaries in the ITRS Downloads page for:

  • Active Console
  • AWS plugin
  • Azure plugin
  • FIX Analyser 2 Netprobe
  • Gateway
  • Netprobe
  • RMC Recorder
  • SSO Agent
  • Web Dashboard


These are the highlights of this release:

  • Geneos AWS plugin now supports over 20 new AWS services, including Kinesis, Lambda, SNS, VPN, Load Balancers, DynamoDB, and many more. The AWS plugin collects AWS CloudWatch metrics, logs, and events to provide unified information across your AWS resources. Data is collected with minimal configuration and Geneos entities are created dynamically as you deploy more AWS services.
  • Improved Geneos Azure plugin to monitor Azure resource logs and activity logs alongside metrics. The Azure plugin can now read log data through the Azure Event Hub in order to dynamically enable File Keyword Monitor (FKM) on the stream of data. The log data collected by the Azure plugin can also be published to other platforms such as Elasticsearch, Splunk, and ITRS Obcerv for log investigation and long-term storage. See Monitor Azure Platform Logs using FKM.
  • Uptrends is an end-user experience monitoring solution for your websites, APIs, and web applications. This release enhanced the Geneos Uptrends plugin, allowing you to visualise the status of your Uptrends Real User Monitoring (RUM) data alongside your Geneos application monitoring. The integration also allows you to click through from a Geneos dataview in the Active Console to the Uptrends UI for more detailed investigations.
  • Improvements to Dynamic Entities feature:
    • Allow mapping configuration at group level to simplify maintenance.
    • Dynamically create samplers like FKM and State Tracker when matching data is received.
    • Show Dynamic Mapping command is now available on dynamically created streams, making it easier to configure and maintain.

Full release notes are available here:


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