Need documentation on itrs netprobe restart on windows servers

Hi Team,
we’ve tried to restart the netprobe on the windows servers but we are unable to restart it.
The servers are owned by the mq middleware team. we’ve checked with both unix and mq team on this restart activity, but there was no use.
what will be steps to restart the netprobe agents in windows server.


It depends on the installation method and so on.

If it’s a Windows Service, as per the default installer, then you can either restart the service (with appropriate permissioning) or you can also look at enabling “RMS” on the probe and running the internal restart command from a Gateway to the probe.

If the probe is installed as a non-Service, then it’s going to depend on the local set-up.


Hi @pgalbavy
Thanks for your reply.
Is there a standard documentation available for the netprobe installation on the windows servers?