RELEASE: cordial v1.7.0 Final

We are very pleased to announce the next release of the cordial Geneos tools, including numerous changes and fixes since v.1.6.0. Please see below for more information!

Once this has been through some testing we should move to a full release next week.

Change Log

Version v1.7.0

Released 2023-07-11

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

v1.7.0 Changes

  • tools/geneos - Optimisation and parallel execution. All operations on Geneos instances are now run in parallel which has resulted in significant improvements in responsiveness and has reduced delays waiting for things to happen on larger installations and remote hosts. While extensive testing has taken place to ensure that the underlying functionality is not affected, there may still be issues in some cases - please report them as soon as you can!

  • Add support for TLS key type selection, defaulting to ECDH (see geneos help tls init)

  • Split help and -h options - help now gives the long description and usage while --help/-h only gives short description plus usage

  • pkg/geneos updates to XML parsing structures, fix regex handling

  • pkg/gwhub updates for better API support (work in progress)

  • pkg/config updates, with some API changes, to better support tools/geneos configuration handling and other refactoring and update ExpandString option NoDecode()

  • Use upx for compression of binaries during releases build - saves about 2/3rd space

  • Make consistent the handling of TLS certs and keys internally

  • geneos ps will show the actual version of each instance running, in case the base symlink has been updated and the process not restarted

  • Quite a bit of redecorating inside tools/geneos internal packages to make things clearer (refactoring, merge and split of functions etc.)

  • tools/geneos - Initial support for “remote only” working; i.e. if GENEOS_HOME is not set but there are remotes then try to “do stuff”. This will break if you perform a local operation such as add as the root then is the current directory. Further work required, but getting Windows support working again is on the way.

  • tools/geneos - Add a basic --install option to package update to allow checking of package that match the ones being updated and download them if found.

v1.7.0 Fixes

  • #156 - fix progressbar newline issue

  • #155 - refactor instance home directory handling (mostly internal)

  • #153 - fix local install of only components available

  • tools/geneos - fix order of columns in plain geneos ls

  • #38 - fix update stop/start as well as a number of related issues in package install and the handling of fa2 packages

  • #152 - call Rebuild() on every instance config save - then instance.setup.xml will stay in sync with config

  • #150 - document deploy behaviour when versions clash

1.7.0 Known Issues

  • #165 - restarting while updating SANs is not working

Version v1.6.6

Released 2023-06-28

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

v1.6.6 Fixes

  • #145 - Wrap geneos tls list JSON output in an array correctly

  • tools/geneos - Package version handling was broken in some cases, especially for components with ‘parent’ types

v1.6.6 Changes

  • tools/geneos - Add a progress bar for downloads when running interactively. Make checking if running interactively consistent

  • tools/geneos - Add package install -D to download packages without unpacking them

  • tools/geneos - Refactor internal variable names in subsystem packages to shrink very long names

  • pkg/geneos - Various updates to plugins and other structures to support an ongoing project

Version v1.6.5

Released 2023-06-23

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

v1.6.5 Fixes

  • #146 - Entering empty passwords could cause pointer panics

  • #148 - Fallback to environment vars when user.Current() fails because user is not in local passwd file with static binary.

Version v1.6.4

Released 2023-06-22

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

Note: v1.6.3 was removed, and v.1.6.4 releases to address some last minute issues.

v1.6.4 Changes

  • tools/geneos - Add an initial hidden flag to hosts, so they don’t participate in wildcarded operations.

  • tools/geneos - Add new --validate option to geneos show to run a validation and output results as JSON.

  • pkg/geneos - Updates for further parsing of config files, fix the treatment of geneos.Value type.

  • pkg/config - Add a config.UseEnvs() option to New() and Load() to trigger viper AutomaticEnv() and use prefixes.

  • Convert all packages and programs to use *config.Plaintext and not config.Plaintext.

v1.6.4 Fixes

  • Fix remote host optional encoded password handling

  • #142 - Fix expansion of non-encoded config strings in show and other places

  • #140 - Fix generation of ‘secure’ args for command start-up

  • #138 - Fix autostart behaviour for geneos restart

  • #139 - Show running AC2 instances

  • #134 - Update some geneos commands that need either flags or args set to just output usage otherwise.

  • #133 - Check restart logic and fix for when instance is already stopped. Also update the Stop() function and it’s usage in other callers.

Version v1.6.2

Released 2023-06-14

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

v1.6.2 Fixes

  • tools/geneos Fix late found bug with deploy and home directories

Version v1.6.1

Released 2023-06-13

Please report issues via github or the ITRS Community Forum.

v1.6.1 Changes

  • pkg/geneos Changes

    Some API changes to support work on a project for reading Gateway configuration files. Existing structures used to write config files cannot co-exist and have been renamed with an “Out” suffix down to the SamplerOut level. While the old names should have been retained and the new API requirements used new names, it was decided that this is the more common use case in the future.

  • tools/geneos Command updates

    The show command can now output an instance’s own configuration file (for types of Netprobe and Gateway) and also try to produce a merged Gateway file using a modified command line with the Gateway -dump-xml command line option.

    A new instance flag autostart has been added, set to true for all types except ac2 which defaults to false. Documentation updtes to follow.

    The init demo command now detects if the user has a DISPLAY environment variable set and if so also installs an ac2 instance.

    The command command can now output the details in JSON format. This format is not quite compatible with the pkg/process Run and Batch functions, but the aim is to eventually merge the formats so that they can also share the implementation later.

v1.6.1 Fixes

  • Minor ongoing changes

    While adding new features there is ongoing review work and refactoring of code.