Geneos Utilities - Now superseded

This package has now been superseded by the one described in Initial "official" (but unsupported) release of Geneos tools

I am very please to be able to say that I have finally tagged and released v1.0.0 of these utilities, especially usefule I think is the geneos control program.

There are still bugs, edge cases and a long TODO list to work though, but I am reasonably confident that it is working, stable and useful now.

It has recently been deployed in an internal production grade project using SANs (Self-Announcing Netprobes) and feedback was positive and the bugs and inconveniences discovered have been taken on-board and will be addressed soon.

Current Version: v1.0.2
Status: Released
Next Release Due: v1.0.3 - Soon



  • Change ‘restart’ to ‘reload’ in rebuild command
  • Change Netprobe to San in ‘init’ Demo environment
  • Add remote log tail support using a 1/2 second timer
    Original local-only file watcher replaced with a polling version to support remote logs
  • Import files into common directories (e.g. gateway_shared)
    Use -c suffix to import into a shared directory, e.g.
    geneos import -c shared ./SOME_SHARED.xml
    This will import the XML into gateway/gateway_shared to match legacy scripts
  • Added mutex protected internal caching of components, remotes and ssh/sftp sessions
  • Reworked move/copy to work with caches


  • Initialisation order for directories
    If you ran ‘init’ from a directory that was not the same as the one you wanted to be Geneos home then it would try to create a packages/downloads in your working directory, cause both confusion but also sometimes failing with Permissions Denied if you were, say, in /

This is not (yet!) an official ITRS package or solution but is provided as is. Comments, feedback, PRs welcome.

The current TODO list for the geneos command is a bit disorganised, but:

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