[RELEASE] Geneos 6.5.0

Release: Geneos 6.5.0


  • New Google Cloud Platform Collection Agent plugin: In an increasingly multi-cloud deployment strategy across our users, Google Clod Platform (GCP) has become a popular choice for many users. Alongside AWS and Azure we are pleased to introduce comprehensive monitoring for your Google Cloud platform. The GCP plugin can monitor over 15 services including compute, networking, databases and more. This is the first iteration of the GCP plugin with more enhancements planned to give you an end-to-end visibility into your hybrid and multi-cloud environments. For more information, see the Geneos Google Cloud Platform plugin documentation.

  • New MongoDB Collection Agent plugin: MongoDB is a database technology known for its scalability and ability to handle large amounts of data. The plugin allows you to monitor data in your MongoDB database environment, including concurrent transactions, server instance metrics, and database statistics. For more information, see the Geneos MongoDB plugin documentation.

  • Other improvements:

    • HashiCorp password vault integration now supports TLS certificate-based authentication for more secure retrieval of centrally managed passwords.
    • Improved Gateway performance when managing large number of dynamic entities.

See Release Notes for more details.