Welcome to the ITRS Community Forum


We are just about ready to go. With all things being equal we should be open for sign-ups from the 1st December.

This forum is open to all users - past, present and future - of ITRS Group’s products.

Here you will find an open, friendly and welcoming community where you can ask and answer questions from fellow users, discuss monitoring in general and where we, ITRS, can keep a watch on what’s important to our users.

Please take time to read some of the more mundane parts of any site like this, the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and the Guidelines as these are important so that we can ensure that content and discussions on this forum are polite, respectful and meaningful to everyone who participates.

Note this is is not an official support channel for any of our products and ITRS staff may not be able to respond to your specific questions. If you are a customer with the appropriate maintenance contract and you need help please use the normal support channels, starting with the Support Website. More details are in this article: How can I get support … ?

Disrespect, abuse and other bad behaviour will not be tolerated and if you see something you think needs action please let us know.