Announce: Geneos Best Practice sub-site

ITRS, and specifically the Professional Services team, have been using a set of Geneos Best Practice documents and set-up files for over a decade when planning and deploying Geneos for our clients. These have never been publicly available (with one exception) and while they are primarily targeted at an internal audience there is value in encouraging you, the users, to understand why we recommend doing things the way we do and seeing what “standards” we recommend for Geneos.

As part of a much needed update, especially to support our new tooling for managing Geneos estates through cordial, we are going to be updating these documents and their related set-up include files and publishing them for all our users.

Initially only the “legacy” documents are online but we will be adding more in the near future. Please scroll down to the bottom of the main page, linked below.

The site is quite minimalist, using a very basic github pages template, but sometimes it’s easier to read that way.

If you have any thoughts, comments, feedback then this is the right place for it!