[RELEASE] Geneos 6.4.0

Release: Geneos 6.4.0


  • New JDBC plugin to execute SQL queries via JDBC API to collect database data. While MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle are supported out of the box, other JDBC compatible databases are also supported via user provided JDBC drivers, allowing for wide range of database monitoring capabilities. See Geneos JDBC Plugin for more information.

  • A new streamlined version of the Active Console called State Only Active Console is now available as a pilot feature in the Active Console download package. This version of the Active Console is designed for high-level status views of large numbers of connected Gateways. It is a lightweight alternative that does not require the retrieval of cell and headline data at all times, reducing overhead and allowing for more Gateway connections. However, it does not support some features, such as Active Dashboard. For more information, see the State Only Active Console documentation.

See Release Notes for more details.