Geneos Xtender (preview) allows you to easily use Nagios compatible plugins with Geneos

We’ve recently released an early preview of Geneos Xtender to the public under the Apache-2.0 license. Geneos Xtender allows you to use any Nagios-compatible plugin with Geneos through the Toolkit plugin. It includes a powerful way to configure these plugins using templates that can be used to monitor any number of managed entities through variables and ranges.

This means that you now can use any of the thousands of compatible plugins available, greatly extending the reach of Geneos to a wide range of devices. We’re very excited about the possibilities here, and I personally look forward to hearing about how you will use this functionality.

Here is an example data view showing the xtender output.

I recommend setting up dedicated Xtender Netprobes using a recent version of RHEL or Debian. There are both deb-files and rpm-files available for the xtender binary.

For more information, head over to the GitHub page and read the full instructions there.