Hello from Sydney

It’s very quiet here, on the forum. Thought I’d check in.

I went on a long long break to the place of my birth, Sydney, just after Christmas and I’m not due back for just over a week.

What was meant as a holiday has turned into a bit of a project, updating a unit/apartment my family has had since it was built in 1970. Amazing how much time you can spend finding and managing contractors (“tradies” locally) and shopping for “stuff” - but with good luck and the weather changing I should hopefully get the last week off and actually have a break.

Of course it’s now got a local NAS, smart lights and other tech toys. I gave up on Google Home as it strangely doesn’t work properly with G-Suite accounts (you cannot invite or accept an invite from another user) so I’ve tended toward Amazon and you know what? It seems to work quite well. Using a Phillips Hue bridge and a Hubitat Elevation C7 hub with locally designed lights and plenty of IKEA bits and all is good. I was bad and spent $AUD 1,000 on the cheapest 75" TV - and it actually works very well. Getting home in the rental car was “interesting” though.

What’s everyone else doing in dreary, dak, grey, cold and miserable England?


Great to hear from you Peter and hope you are continuing to enjoy your time out in Australia. We did actually see sunlight for a few days last week, a notable event given that we literally had 0.1 hours in a 3-4 week stretch over Christmas and early Jan. Boris is still in power despite a number of scandals but they have lifted Plan B restrictions as numbers seemed to have peaked and are dropping. Hope to see you soon back in London no doubt armed with tasty Australian treats.

Hello, all good here.

Although, I would like to see much more activities from ITRS customers here and talked about it already on Slack. I have now set a small reminder on what we could do but, we need to have this launched properly as we are now truly moving towards 2022… :blush: