How to ignore log files that have not been created yet ?

The question I have is that I’ve created a rule in ITRS which checks whether a log file exists or not, however ITRS. How do make sure that ITRS, flags this as Green until such time the log file exists and has a genuine status to monitor.

Basically I only want ITRS to flag the status when my processes come up and create the appropriate log file.

Is this in FKM?

If you want to ensure that the rule only applies when a specific process exists, then you need to use a Path Alias to check the number of instances of that process is not zero.

If you have not used relative paths, Path Aliases etc before then I suggest looking here, in the Gateway Reference, first for background: XPaths

Next, assuming the Processes plugin is next to the FKM on the same Managed Entity, in your rule create a relative path Path Alias, e.g.

process → ancestor::managedEntity/sampler[(param("PluginName")="PROCESSES")]/dataview/rows/row[@name="myProcessRow")]/cell[(@column="instanceCount")]

The above is from memory and WILL be incomplete.

and then in the rule block itself, assuming it’s on the “status” cell of the FKM summary row:

set $(processcount) path "process" value

if $(processcount) > 0 and value <> "OK" then
  severity critical
  severity ok
end if

You can also consider adding a delay to the rule body to ensure that there is an overlap between samplers so that if the file goes to error the process sampler has a chance to check if the process is now down.