I'd like to know about itrs setup for ecs monitoring

I’d like to know about itrs setup for ecs monitoring

What would you like to know?

The docs for all the AWS services monitorings are here: AWS

I’d like to know if we can get the number of pods along with its status in ecs, I don’t know which plugin to use
ActiveConnectionCount NewConnectionCount RequestCountPerTarget RequestCount

The AWS plugin is part of the Collection Agent companion agent to the Netprobe. For ECS the metrics currently supported are in this table:


When you mention “pods” that sounds more like a Kubernetes metric, if you can confirm? At the moment I believe - and this is not my direct area - that while the AWS/EKS plugin reports about the cluster and not the Nodes or Pods per se we do have a Kubernetes plugin, also part of the Collection Agent, that does report details:


There are pod metrics in the Workload/Job metrics but I am not a k8s expert so I am not sure if that’s complete enough?